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Harvest lug being picked at Morisoli Vineyard

PeopleMeet the team

Thanks to the hard work and care of many previous generations, we are fortunate to continue growing outstanding grapes in Napa Valley.

At this point in time, meet the team responsible for continuing on the legacy of a historic vineyard. We highly value long term relationships in the vineyard, and with the wineries to which we sell our grapes.

Christopher Morisoli Tractor Pilot

Christopher Morisoli is the fifth-generation Morisoli. Growing up free-range on Niebaum Lane, he was always driving a tractor, helping his dad fix things, or racing around on a four-wheeler. After becoming a volunteer and seasonal firefighter during college, Chris decided to join the Army to become a MEDEVAC Pilot in 2006. After 12 years of active duty in Alaska, Honduras, Hawaii, Afghanistan, Iraq and a few other countries, Chris decided it was time to come back home. Now his job title is “Tractor Pilot,” given to him by his dad upon his return. His drink of choice; Negroni.

Christopher Morisoli

Joel Aiken Winemaker

Joel Aiken is a native of Fresno, California, where his family farmed peaches on their 15-acre ranch. Graduating UC Davis in 1983 with a M.S. in Enology, Joel’s thesis focused on the difference between French vs American Oak Barrels effects on Cabernet Sauvignon. Working for Beaulieu Vineyards during this time, Joel was quickly promoted to Winemaker in 1985, only the third in Beaulieu’s history. He regularly worked with greats such as André Tchelistcheff and developed an incredible expertise for making wine from Rutherford. After leaving Beaulieu Vineyards in 2009, Joel started his winemaking consulting business and has made Morisoli Wine since 2018.

Joel Aiken

José Garcia Vineyard Foreman

Jose is from Los Haro-Jerez, Zacatecas in the center of Mexico where his family farmed peaches and plums for many generations. Jose moved from Mexico to Napa in August of 1989 and worked his first harvest at Morisoli Vineyard that year. He hasn’t left since. Jose married his wife Maria in 1990, and together they have three children: Jose, Yesenia, Alondra. Jose leads the daily field work in the vineyard ensuring everything from pruning, suckering, thinning and finally picking is perfectly managed. He loves to garden in his off-time and his wine of choice is a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon or a Modelo Negra beer on a hot day.

José Garcia

Rodolfo Garcia Tractor Driver

Rodolfo is from Los Haro-Jerez, Zacatecas in the center of Mexico. He followed his brother Jose to Napa after working his families Peach and Plum farm as a kid. He married Alma in 1992, and together they have three children: Gerrardo, Jorge, Monica. Rodolfo can regularly be found driving the caterpillar tractor, discing the ground, sulfuring, pruning, or suckering and running the tractor during harvest. In his off-time he loves to go back home to Mexico and help on his family’s farm. No good practical joke eludes Rodolfo and often Gary will find his blue bicycle hidden in a grapevine or the keys to the four-wheeler mysteriously gone. His drink of choice is a Corona or a bold Napa Cabernet.

Rodolfo Garcia

Gary Morisoli Chief Tractor Pilot

Gary Morisoli is the fourth-generation Morisoli. Raised in Rutherford and St. Helena, he grew up from a very young age working in the vineyard with his Grandfather Plinio and Grandmother Clementine. While still managing Plinio’s vineyard, he began his own vineyard management company, managing over 300 acres on the Rutherford Bench. Gary managed iconic vineyards including; Bosche, Hewitt, Greer, Grgich, Godward, Inglenook, JJ Cohn and Sycamore. Focusing now on his vineyard only, Gary can still be found on the tractor or checking on the vineyard while riding around on his blue bicycle. He enjoys restoring old tractors and jeeps and generally prefers a Pepsi to wine, but he has been known to have a fantastic palate.

Gary Morisoli

Melody Morisoli Chief Gopher

Melody Morisoli is a third-generation St. Helenan. Her father Melvin “Pappy” Eisan and her mother Gertrude owned Mel’s Clothing, a staple in the town for men’s wear. She grew up playing around her grandparent’s ranch and chicken farm on White Sulphur Springs. After marrying Gary, she worked in insurance for many years in St. Helena before deciding to stay closer to home. She describes her job as the chief Gopher (go-for) as she constantly helps with the behind-the-scenes work. Melody prefers a cup of tea over wine most every day.

Melody Morisoli

Geoff Hansen Photographer

Geoff Hansen is a man of many talents originally from Sacramento, California. A retired attorney and judge, Geoff traded in his gavel for a camera and now lives in Napa where he photographs all aspects of the wine industry and landscapes of Napa Valley. He is exceptionally sought after for his photography even though he claims it is just a retirement hobby. In addition to being behind the lens, Geoff enjoys traveling the Western United States in search of good fishing holes and ski mountains with his wife Kathy and Golden Retriever, Duncan.

Geoff Hansen

Cynthia Kirk Graphic Designer

Specializing in wine labels and integrated packaging, visual communication is Cynthia’s jam, and is enthusiastic about all things design. Her eye for color and composition paired with an exceptional work ethic instantly has made her an integral part of the team. Cynthia has over twenty years in graphic design experience, and an extensive resume in the wine industry. Her drink of choice; a classic Gin and Tonic.

Cynthia Kirk

My Dad always said, if he couldn't drive there on a tractor, the commute was too far and he wouldn't manage the vineyard...

Chris Morisoli, Wine Spectator July 2024
Morisoli Illustration of Tractor and Vines

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